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    Joe and Keeley Price

    Congratulations to our great friends Joe and Keeley Price on setting the USACi WORLD RECORD for Street Beat 4 with an incredible 167.9 db!!! The video below is Joe's SB4 finals run where he finished with a mind bending 168.2 DB!! We love seeing you guys at these big events straight SHTNONM in the lanes!! The amount of hard work put in by you two is second to none!! Can't wait to see whats next from the King and Queen of MIDBASS!!



    JY Power

    Our Friends Travis Young and Yuyang Jin from JY Power are definitely living the SHTNONM Lifestyle!!! These two crazy mofos provide the industry with high powered lithium cells that SHTNON anything available on the market. Not only are they huge supporters of the show scene, they also built this crazy thing called The Cube! 40 15" subwoofers and over 50k watts of blood pumping sound!! Jy Power we salute you as the leading Lithium Technology providers to the 12v industry! #JYNONM all day!!!

    Rob and Heather Kollar

    Rob and Heather Kollar are not only two of our best customers, but they truly live the SHTNONM lifestyle! Passion, determination, and love is what drives these two. Rob set the bar so high this year at USACI finals with a skull numbing 170 DB in no wall unlimited. Not only was this almost 2 db louder than the record set minutes earlier it is the first 170 EVER in no wall!!! Congrats to you guys on the massive feat! We are honored to have great friends like you! Stay SHTNONM!!!



    Joey Whitaker has been racing his entire life. Whether it’s short track
    racing, drag racing, karting or drifting, Joey has been behind the wheel
    of it. For Joey, drifting is his favorite form of racing not only because he
    has a passion for it but also because of the nature of the sport. It’s the
    competition that fuels his competitive nature and it’s the people of the
    sport that he calls friends and family. Drifting is a major part of who he
    is and that shows on and off the track.

    Having purchased his first 240sx 6 years ago he immediately knew that
    there was something special about the sport of drifting. He prepared the
    car for the 2010 season equipping it with a RB20DET motor set and
    adequate suspension mods. By learning the ropes of drifting throughout
    the 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons Joey earned himself 12 Streetwise
    Drift Grassroots series Top 16 appearances and a second place finish.
    After his success of his first 3 years in the Grassroots levels of drifting
    Joey decided to make the transition into Pro-Am competition for the first
    time in 2013. With the level of competitors evolving he had to overhaul
    his 240 to ensure it was up for the task.. LS1 swap, Formula Drift spec
    cage and full suspension upgrades did the trick. He had a great year and
    was living the dream...
    Unfortunately the 2014 season didn't go as planned due to a major
    illness his mother was facing. For the first 6 months of 2014 Joey was by
    her bedside. It was during this time away from the sport that not only
    brought him closer to his family but also brought the drifting family
    closer to Joey. With the full support of Joey, his family and his brothers
    and sisters within the drifting community his mother made a full
    recovery. Having gone through this trialing time, Joey now realized what
    was important to him. His family, his friends and his career in racing.

    Despite what he went through during the year, in the final event of the
    2014 Streetwise Drift Pro-Am season, Joey made it to the top 8 of
    competition and set his sights on the 2015 season. It was over the course
    of the 2015 season he released and fine-tuned a new suspension package,
    upgraded his motor and transmission and truly began to see what it takes
    to win.

    Throughout the 2016 season he had many podium finishes and began to
    emerge as a predominant name in drifting. In 2017 Joey took the next
    big step in his career and acquired the iconic vk56 swapped G35 built by
    Jerry Yang Racing that he continues to make better and stronger every
    day. This thing is straight nasty!! 663hp and 671tq !!!
    -Stillen Supercharger, Cd009 nissan trans, vp racing c85 tuned, haltech
    standalone, Grams 2200cc injectors with twin pumps, Grams FPR,
    Exedy twin disc carbon clutch, wisefab angle goodness, VIS carbon
    fiber doors, APR carbon fiber wing, b magic carbon fiber aero kit, Drift
    Emporium roll cage, Bridgemoto custom seats and safety gear, Works
    wheels....... Jaw drop much! lol This thing definitely turns some
    heads when it starts up and brings smiles to peoples faces when its
    getting sideways around the track.
    Our mantra is Streets Stained Daily, mainly in the sense of making a
    lasting impression upon people that they wish to aspire to, well in Joeys
    case its quite literal!! Laying that rubber and killing those tires is the
    name of the game and he does it as good as anyone!




    Kyle “clipo” Rutherford   


       First off, if you are into car audio even the slightest bit beyond casual enthusiast you probably have heard of or seen the elusive “Clipo”.    I remember just a few years back when I saw this square body tahoe absolutely being a demo monster that rivaled all of the iconic builds!  It was just one of those builds that I gravitated to and needed to see in person. From ripping panels and roofs, all the way to putting holes in the floorboards; Clipo really set the bar for what a demo vehicle should be. 


       Well as time went on.  So did the destruction caused to the tahoe.  Lol... Needless to say something needed to be done.  Kyle took this as an opportunity to do something really extraordinary.   There’s a few key elements that are needed in order to really make a demo vehicle that can perform for hours and be really loud doing it.  Those 3 things are : Power plant, (amplifiers, batteries and alternators.) cone area (amount of subwoofers / subwoofer size) and overall structural strength of the vehicle (elimination of any weak points and making the enclosure and cabin as solid as possible enable as much sound pressure as possible to be created.)


        In terms of power plant Clipo has 4 sundown ns-2 amplifiers and 5 jy power cased 80ah units.  For subwoofers, Clipo has twelve 12” sundown audio ZV5 95lb subwoofers!  Lastly for the goal of having an incredibly solid vehicle, Kyle has fitted a complete custom steel cage frame for the enclosure along with the dash, floor and doors!  He didn’t stop there as he has filled the entire firewall of Clipo with concrete..  that’s right .. concrete !! 😎 Then of course the issue that bassheads always face when running this much equipment is windshield failure. Lol. So Kyle has installed a completely custom 1” thick plexiglass sheet for the windshield that is basically bomb proof!!


    All these factors coming together have yielded him a vechicle that does 167db+ under 30hz!!! 👀😮


    The entire rebuild was done by Justin haddock at 252 customz in North Carolina along with Kyle..


     This build truly is one of a kind and very much by definition, SHTNONM!!


    Be sure and put visiting North Carolina and attending one of the shows it will be at on your bucket list. 😁This is the show Kyle and the rest of Team Ruckus have created to give back to the community and have a fun weekend doing what they love!!  This is one not to miss!!